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Myha, currently works for a major furniture brand/manufacture as an in-house designer. It is through her journey commencing with dual degrees in studio art and art history, working for a well known Italian furniture company, with various Washington DC interior designers as their sample librarian and her adventurous previous position as a flight attendant; that her passion for interior design and travel have merged to form this website. Her obsession with creating and love for graphic design, has provided her with the knowledge to build this website and brand. She continues to seek others that share that similar interior design fire, by starting a Young Interior Designer Movement, [Meet Up] group in the Washington, DC area. 


+ ABOUT [Within+Wandering+Walls]

Within+Wandering+Walls was designed to reach those that love and speak the language of commercial interior design. The name was fused together based on the playful oxymoron of existing in an interior space, yet making each end of the earth tangible through design. #Unconfinedesign.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy Within+Wandering+Walls! You are now free to move about the world.....of course within the interiors of this site!