[Happiest of Hours] Election Day Special: Hard Apple Cider Mule

 [click on the image to find out where to vote election day]

[click on the image to find out where to vote election day]

With a long painful election season drawing to a close, it's fair to say we all need a strong drink or two. [WWW] has your election day cocktail and inspired home shopping guide. Make sure to GO VOTE. Then toast to Lady Liberty & Uncle Sam and enjoy this election showdown! Cheers!!

[ +Recipe ]


ice cubes, as needed
1/4 cup hard apple cider (such as Strongbow)
1/2 cup nonalcoholic ginger beer
1 or 2 cinnamon sticks
1 apple, peeled if deired, seeded, and sliced into thin rounds


  1. Fill cup with ice.
  2. Add the hard apple cider and nonalcoholic ginger beer.
  3. Stir and garnish with apple slice(s) and cinnamon stick(s).
  4. VOTE responsibly!

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 + Set designer |  James pearse connelly [jpc]

+ Set designer | James pearse connelly [jpc]

[WWW] had the distinct honor of interviewing Production Designer, James Pearse Connelly from the talent-filled musical competition, The Voice. His set design vision throughout the last 10 seasons not only has earned 5 nominations from the Primetime Emmy's and Art Director's Guild Awards, but has also inspired design enthusiast everywhere.  The sleek red and black center stage, with dramatic spot lighting and silver-handed-microphone-clad peace symbols are the iconic aesthetic of the show. Yet it is backstage where the singers and families anxiously wait that adds another captivating element to [JPC's] design. The backstage set is revealed in exciting glimpses on the show, yet there is a true sense of creation with the combination of Mid-Century Modern and tribal Boheimian designs. Each sitting area has it's own personality and warm design elements to bring a feeling of home to the singers and viewers alike. 

Keep reading to discover where an Emmy nominated Production Designer shops for his home and how to make your home exquisitely camera-ready. Also, after the interview be sure to view photos of James Pearse Connelly's backstage set designs and [WWW's] inspired +Shopping Guides for each space.

Thank you James Pearse Connelly for creating such beautiful work and we look forward to your future design visions for reality TV!!! 


What inspired you to create the Voice set? And, with each year how do you maintain the iconic style?
[JPC] The artist is about to audition in the biggest moment of their life, and I wanted to give them one of the most impressive worlds in which to do so. Stylings on trend and a real tour into the pop music industry and Hollywood were my inspirations. I mean HOW AWESOME right? Seriously, if you’re going to be a mega pop star, training under legendary music icons, do you think it would be anything less than out ripped from a chic magazine?

What is your absolute favorite designed area on the Voice, and why?
[JPC] Personally I love the two rehearsal band spaces before the explosive stage performances. In the battle rounds, there is a beautiful Los Angeles sunlight that pours into the space and highlights the walls finished in glossy wood paneling, corrugated metal, and white laminate. In the Live rounds, the drama builds with darker tones and incandescence.  Edison bulbs on exposed beams, gold sheer drapes, and matte wood bring an inviting and whom like warmth before the artists steps out on stage. Both areas are decorated impeccably with furniture that would blow your mind, but the overall attitude of each space defines the progressive journey of the show and artist.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to design?
[JPC] Do it. Practice. Try to suspend your personal beliefs and taste and appreciate everyone involved with what exactly you’re designing, and how they’re interfacing with it. Trust me, it’ll add more seasoning to your completed work. Lastly, don’t design for just for design's sake, travel and learn about other things and bring it back to your designs.  

What are your go to companies for home design, as a set designer?
[JPC] I love an irreverent conversation piece so anything outside the box from a local artisan or fine artist, flea market or even store you wouldn’t expect.  Definitely check out a kitchen store if you’re doing a living room or closet. They will have random things that will complement your project. I happen to love West Elm right now and who doesn’t love Restoration Hardware? In LA, HD Buttercup and Blue Print NEVER fail and always have the perfect piece. But let me tell you, Astek Wallcovering in Van Nuys is THE BEST secret weapon to wallpapers. A must must must stop.   

What advice would you give a fan of the Voice, in recreating their home to be more interesting and show stopping?
[JPC] For that acoustic music inspired space: Embrace wood paneling! Look back on decorative history and appreciate designers, Charles and Ray Eames. Use lamps and sing loudly with a bold chandelier, your eye (and camera) will go right to it.

What are trends or essential furniture items that you would recommend?
[JPC] A fiddle leaf fig tree will make any space look like it just had it’s Elle Decor photo shoot. 
Inexpensive succulents pair perfectly with a small vignette of tabletop decor. Layer your rugs on top of each other for a cozy feeling. Don’t worry about matching pieces perfectly, focus on matching your color palette instead.  Gray or Beige, mix both together and make it Gray-eige.  

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+ Connect with James Pearse Connelly


 jpconnelly.com |FB: James P Connelly |IG: JPConnelly | Twitter: JPConnelly |Pinterest: JPConnelly

+ Thank you, James Pearse Connelly!

[Weekly Wandering] SoulCycle, the Inspirational Obsession

 Founders: Elizabeth Cutler & Julie Rice

Founders: Elizabeth Cutler & Julie Rice

Walking into a dark candle-lit room should be completely calming, except nervous jitters begin to form as a result of then spotting 50+ stationary bikes neatly rowed and booty shaking loud music booming over speakers. Beyond the full body cardio intense workout, there is a design gem that fully translates to an inspirational home vision. Inspiration tends to infiltrate the senses at any moment and that is exactly what SoulCycle has accomplishes. The brand was created from the ground up by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, two friends who desired a intense, quick, trendy work-out with the zen-community effect. Starting with one small studio in New York, the brand now has over 85 studios country wide and growing.

The SoulCycle design is a clean-crisp distinct white lacquer and detailed sunny yellow. Each studio displays their own personal wall of candid Polaroid shots of birthdays, theme rides and staff goofiness.  The friendly and luxurious color scheme offers clients a chance to zen-fully clear their minds before entering into their workout. The studio wall has floor to ceiling mirrors, a wall to wall inspirational mantra decal and a full black/white photo of a road decal. SoulCycle has captured a way to make a work out studio your bestie, through the tough and the beauty. Enjoy a SoulCycle ride near you!! "Your Soul Matters!" [soul-cycle.com]

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[Weekly Wanderings] "Kocktails With Khloe" Set Decor

The ever multiplying brand of the Kardashian empire, has now graced us with a night time witty cocktail hour, "Kocktails with Khloe". The laid back, personal and gorgeous host, Khloe Kardashian takes us through an hour long tour of celebrity gossip and sophisticated signature cocktails. Although insder chit-chat about Hollywood swirl the room, it is the set decor that is truly captivating. The Kardashian's are known for their luxurious homes, with their statement black/white/gray color schemes and Kocktails with Khloe did not let us down. The set designer infused Mid century modern pieces, with the unexpected glam of a lush lilac velvet sectional sofa and soft cream detailing. We truly thank the set decor visionaries, for this absolutely inspiring TV fabulous living room!!

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+ Rug shown in "Kocktails with Khloe" Set: Horchow/ Hugo Rug/ Silver [Click for website]

[Weekly Wanderings] Sarah Oppenheimer 3D Art

Kunsthaus Baselland | Switzerland


Designer | Sarah Oppenheimer

Adventuring beyond the idea of classic paintings, Sarah Oppenheimer uses each gallery space as her 3D artistic platform. Trained at Yale University, Sarah works with the idea of unconfined perspective art, by breaking through walls to distort the idea of the basic white-walled 2D art gallery norm. She "studied the gallery's grid, light, and progression of rooms. [Sarah] made two incisions in the walls and inserted large trapezoidal panels of low E-glass at 45 degree angles." (Art and Architecture, 2014) Each gallery spaces' structure is artistically exploited to create this art that pushes our minds outside the box.



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[Weekly Wanderings] Balmain + H&M Collaboration

H&M Stores | Worldwide

 + Designer: Oliver Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain

The Balmain and H&M collaboration has created an epic hype across the fashion universe. The fusion of affordable runway designs has graced H&M stores, November 5th, 2015. With the idea that fashion trends can transition into home ware, this embellished brand has made a grand statement. Balmain's Creative Director, Oliver Rousteing has introduce: faux leathers, gold details, printed velvets, rich tuxedo styled dresses and blazers, with military inspired stitched pieces. Not to mention the addition of feathered jackets, jeweled colors and multi-layered belts and necklaces. The excitement that Balmain brings to the affordable consumer can also catwalk into your homes' furnished style. Happy Shopping!


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The Skyscraping Edge: Ozone Bar at The Ritz Carlton

Elements | Hong Kong


Designer: Wonderwall; Masamichi Katayama

As the sunset flirts with dusk, the glimmering Hong Kong city-lights begin to peer through the darkness and glitter with excitement. This sky-scraping proper view from the 118th Ritz Carlton floor solidifies that magic is real. The Ozone Bar currently resides as one of the worlds tallest bars. Not only are the windowed views breath-taking but the bar itself houses an unexpected chic edge.

Much of the excitement builds floor by floor as the elevator climbs to this mesmerizing scene. Upon stepping off the elevator the rooms are washed in a purple-blue light and the surfaces are completed in bee-hive like futuristic webbing. The immediate talking piece is the white glossy curvaceous statue that can be viewed from all rooms, while the juxtaposition of the angular marble bar sits poised for drinks.

The up-lighting brings a dramatic edge to the main bar, which includes lounged seating and bright pillows. The black leather shinny brass bar stools, cascading drop ball lighting and zebra wood veneer tables epitomize luxury. Katayama truly expresses a sense of unique personality through his design for each patron. Having a cocktail at Ozone bar amongst the city of Hong Kong, is a must when stamping your passport into this country. Cheers!



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