The Skyscraping Edge: Ozone Bar at The Ritz Carlton

The Skyscraping Edge: Ozone Bar at The Ritz Carlton

Elements | Hong Kong


Designer: Wonderwall; Masamichi Katayama

As the sunset flirts with dusk, the glimmering Hong Kong city-lights begin to peer through the darkness and glitter with excitement. This sky-scraping proper view from the 118th Ritz Carlton floor solidifies that magic is real. The Ozone Bar currently resides as one of the worlds tallest bars. Not only are the windowed views breath-taking but the bar itself houses an unexpected chic edge.

Much of the excitement builds floor by floor as the elevator climbs to this mesmerizing scene. Upon stepping off the elevator the rooms are washed in a purple-blue light and the surfaces are completed in bee-hive like futuristic webbing. The immediate talking piece is the white glossy curvaceous statue that can be viewed from all rooms, while the juxtaposition of the angular marble bar sits poised for drinks.

The up-lighting brings a dramatic edge to the main bar, which includes lounged seating and bright pillows. The black leather shinny brass bar stools, cascading drop ball lighting and zebra wood veneer tables epitomize luxury. Katayama truly expresses a sense of unique personality through his design for each patron. Having a cocktail at Ozone bar amongst the city of Hong Kong, is a must when stamping your passport into this country. Cheers!



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