[Weekly Wanderings] Song Qi Restaurant

 Monte Carlo | Monaco

Designer: Humbert & Poyet

The glitzy Song Qi restaurant in Monte Carlo, Monaco, aims to show-stop upon arrival. The deluxe interiors are well-dressed with black/white patterned floors, a pop of lime green velveted upholstery all dripping in jeweled gold trim. The fashionably classic restaurant captures the essence of the popularly lavish country, which hugs the Mediterranean.

Humbert & Poyet design firm, encompasses the Chinese Song Dynasty's meaning of strength and power, as well as the meaning of the word "Qi," "the circulating life force." The restaurant is the first in Monaco to combine modern gastronomic food conception with Chinese style cooking. Enjoying the interiors at Song Qi restaurant is dining in fashion... just don't be fashionably late for your reservation.



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