Sculptural Sexiness of Givenchy Stores, Paris

 Paris | France

+ Givenchy Store | Avenue Montaigne, Paris | France

Designer: Joseph Dirand






+ Givenchy Store | Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris| France

Designer: Jamie Fobert



The recent twice-yearly great fashion migration to New York, Paris, and Milan, to gawk at models adorning elaborate garments for 10 minutes as they glide down the cat walk, has inspired these interior tours of Givenchy in Paris. Givenchy's clothing is known as sexy, dark, romantic and powerful.

Edgy structural elegance, meets you at the door of one of the premiere fashion designers' Parisian Givenchy stores. Avenue Montaigne was designed by Joseph Dirand. His use of luxurious dark woods and cemented stoned-earthy textures, contrasted by the smooth white marble flooring and mirrored gold framing, embraces the smoldering looks of Givenchy clothing and supple leather goods. The stores dramatic intrigue gives shoppers the impression of a mysterious sculptural sexiness.

Keeping within the Givenchy design, Jamie Fobert, gives the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré store a similar touch. Fobert uses herringbone patterned ash wood floors contrasted with large black acrylic wardrobes, to house the fashionably romantically draped garments. The mirrored gold rectangular-prism cash wrap, is easily a show-stopping piece in this Givenchy store.   

Both store designers perfectly encompass the idea of showcasing the beautiful fashions of Givenchy, while maintaining the brand's iconic identity.


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