[Weekly Wanderings] Patternity

London | England

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+ Founders | Anna Murray & Grace Winteringham

Patternity is a global brand that has a flare and passion for patterns that occur organically, structurally, mathematically and artistically throughout the world. Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham founded the unique company in 2009, with the idea to "use pattern as a tool to inspire, explore and innovate." Their dedication in educating the public has lead to major brand collaborations and the world's largest online archive of patterns. The duo has brought a purposeful light to the very things we take for granted daily. Design continues to ebb and flow in part because of Patternity's successful identification of patterns. Which helps them forecast yearly new design trends. Look now beyond your screen... there are patterns mysteriously lurking on or around you....you too are a part of Patternity's research and purpose for the future.


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