[Weekly Wandering] SoulCycle, the Inspirational Obsession

 Founders: Elizabeth Cutler & Julie Rice

Founders: Elizabeth Cutler & Julie Rice

Walking into a dark candle-lit room should be completely calming, except nervous jitters begin to form as a result of then spotting 50+ stationary bikes neatly rowed and booty shaking loud music booming over speakers. Beyond the full body cardio intense workout, there is a design gem that fully translates to an inspirational home vision. Inspiration tends to infiltrate the senses at any moment and that is exactly what SoulCycle has accomplishes. The brand was created from the ground up by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, two friends who desired a intense, quick, trendy work-out with the zen-community effect. Starting with one small studio in New York, the brand now has over 85 studios country wide and growing.

The SoulCycle design is a clean-crisp distinct white lacquer and detailed sunny yellow. Each studio displays their own personal wall of candid Polaroid shots of birthdays, theme rides and staff goofiness.  The friendly and luxurious color scheme offers clients a chance to zen-fully clear their minds before entering into their workout. The studio wall has floor to ceiling mirrors, a wall to wall inspirational mantra decal and a full black/white photo of a road decal. SoulCycle has captured a way to make a work out studio your bestie, through the tough and the beauty. Enjoy a SoulCycle ride near you!! "Your Soul Matters!" [soul-cycle.com]

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