[The Young Professional Interior Design Movement]

+ The Washington DC area offers so much diversity in creativity and cultivating a new voice for the purpose-driven millennials. The Young Professional Interior Design Movement creates a vision of a united front for interior designer professionals from age 25 to 35. We are not looking to be ageist, but to merely focus on networking, helping, volunteering and seeking new fresh design resources for ourselves to grow the future. We are the future of design.

The techniques that our predecessors and mentors have constructed are the blueprint, but it is up to us to find alternative ways to remodel the design community. With the public having greater access to different design avenues within minutes, we as designers are becoming obsolete. In following our life purpose in design, we have an opportunity now to change the way the public views our visions and creative work. Let's meet up to begin our campaign for a new interior design reputation. We see the trend of the future, but we still have an opportunity to greatly change the current. Please visit the Meet Up page, to get started or introduce yourself below to connect! I look forward to working along side of you, as a future interior design trailblazer!


+ Myha


Note: [The Meet Up link is coming soon; please Introduce yourself below to begin the remodeling process of interior design]

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[+Open to all professionals in the interior design industry]

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