[Rules for Rugs]

+ Rugs are necessary for any and every living space. It separates rooms- framing essential areas, adds warmth and gives a flare of personality. Consider the following things when purchasing your new rug: 1. What size is your room? 2. Can all of my furniture fit onto the rug? 3. Will this rug added color/ texture and functionality to the room?

Below is a sizing and placement chart for all those questionable rug rules. Also, check out the +Shopping Guide for some head-turning rugs to add epic proportions of excitement to your space! 

*Don't forget a similarly sized rug pad for those slippery spaces. 

[ + Shopping Guide]

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[Bathroom Break Through] Smart Tiles

+ I usually skim over bathroom and kitchen designs because typically to dramatically change the space you need a bit more than accent pillows and shinny accessories.

But now....Say "Adios" to your bland-rented bathroom and kitchen design. Smart Tile, is a company that uses adhesive tiles to transform your space. It is as easy as peeling and sticking a jeweled sticker and extremely cost effective. You can be creative as you want by cutting borders or precision cutting around electrical sockets. Below, includes everything you need to make this weekend project last for your 12 month lease. When moving out, easily detach the tiling from the wall. Enjoy!

+++ Note: You will need a few tools to start. And make sure measure your space appropriately to purchase the right number of pieces.

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[Blending Homes with Bae]

+ Fresh off the heels of February's extensive romance reputation, bae has decided to step up his game to give the green light for officially moving-in. With a mint set of sparkly keys you enter your new abode, realizing that your 'Lisa Frank' posters from 3rd grade and stuffed animals won at state-carnivals past may not mesh with bae's basic/possibly boring style. When it comes to combining two styles check out a few items below to quick start the process. Otherwise, stay tuned to the next [+Ask Myha] posting for a detailed guide to unite both styles for a comfortable-cohesive home.

+++Advice: You and bae obviously have quite a bit in common. Use your commonalities to develop a vision for your place. Take one room at a time, starting with the area you spend the most time together. Then work your way around your home. The best thing is open communication and making sure that bae is on board with any changes. Happy home, happy life!










[Wall Art]




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[Happy National Margarita Day!!]

+ In honor of one of my favorite holidays of the libational calendar year... Clear the cocktail clutter and shop these ideas to turn up your bar area. Please shop and drink responsibly!! Cheers!

+++ Not all bar areas need to be a bar cart or cabinet. You can easily clear a section in your kitchen, living room or dining space, and clusters bottles and utensils. To separate and to add color to the space use trays and cocktail books. Have fun, as this space should be easily accessible for the happiest of hours.

+ Shopping Guide


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[Headboard Hunt]

+ The center piece of any bedroom suite, is the bed. Successfully choose a design that piques your interest and you have won half the bedroom style battle. The headboard hunt has been made easy for you with the 5 options shopped below. BTW not all furniture pieces in your bedroom need to match.

+++ Remember to keep in mind the style of the area under mattress. You can select a headboard with rails attached, which will hide your boxspring. Or you can have a platform bed...There would be no need for a boxspring, just the mattress that sits on top the platform. The third simple option is to just have a headboard attached to a frame. Whichever you choose, just make sure you love your selection....you have to make your bed and lie in it!

+ Shopping Guide


[Cheers....To Drinking On Style!!]

+ Bar Stools are often forgotten and literally shoved under the counter. But leave it to these 6 trendy designs to add style and flare to showcase any countered area.

+++ Make sure to measure, as bar stools and counter stools are not the same height. (Bar stools: 29-32"/ Counter Stools: 23-28")


+ one

Bend Goods/ Lucy 25.5 Bar Stool/ $337.05

+ three

Mercury Row/ 30" Bar Stool/ $116.99

+ five

Lakeshore Stool, Black/ $375


+ two

Walsh Bar Stool/ $549

+ four

Modway Ribbon 30" Bar Stool/ $199

+ six

 Tolix 30" Barstools/ $138.99 (set of 2)


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