[Blending Homes with Bae]

+ Fresh off the heels of February's extensive romance reputation, bae has decided to step up his game to give the green light for officially moving-in. With a mint set of sparkly keys you enter your new abode, realizing that your 'Lisa Frank' posters from 3rd grade and stuffed animals won at state-carnivals past may not mesh with bae's basic/possibly boring style. When it comes to combining two styles check out a few items below to quick start the process. Otherwise, stay tuned to the next [+Ask Myha] posting for a detailed guide to unite both styles for a comfortable-cohesive home.

+++Advice: You and bae obviously have quite a bit in common. Use your commonalities to develop a vision for your place. Take one room at a time, starting with the area you spend the most time together. Then work your way around your home. The best thing is open communication and making sure that bae is on board with any changes. Happy home, happy life!










[Wall Art]




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